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European supplement brand, Primabiotic Collagen, was established in 2017 in Poland. Collagen shots quickly took customers by storm – they appreciated the convenience of use, delicious taste, and the Swiss recipe according to which we prepare the supplement. Now, Primabiotic’s collagen is the absolute number 1! At Primabiotic, we believe that a holistic approach, consisting of internal supplementation, skin care and a healthy lifestyle is the key to success and allows you to reinvent yourself.

Every 2.5 minutes, someone around the world chooses Primabiotic Collagen*

*Based on sales from 2023

We have one million satisfied customers and are continuing to expand our sales!

We have launched a store in Germany and are selling Collagen in France and the United Kingdom. More locations on the map of Europe and the world will be coming soon! The Primabiotic Collagen product in Poland has been rated at 4.99/5 (based on 152 reviews). Now we want to reach customers in the USA. We are confident that they will love Collagen just as much as Europeans do.

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