Collagen – is it worth taking? For some, the popularity of products containing this protein may seem like a passing trend. However, it is an indisputable fact that around our 25th birthday we stop producing collagen, which has a strong influence on how we feel and look. In our opinion, there are a whole host of reasons as to why you should turn to supplements – we have summarised the 6 most important ones below!

1) Feel better every day – without bone and joint pain

“Aging is no fun, that’s just the way it is”. How often have you heard these words when your bones creak or your joints ache? After collagen, most of these symptoms can disappear and weekend gardening will no longer be associated with pain, but with relaxation!

2) Stronger hair and nails

The “beauty effect” on hair, nails and wrinkles have already been written about. In addition, collagen tones the body, helps fight cellulite and prevents the skin from sagging during dieting. It fights gravity in every way and that’s why it’s winning so many fans!

3) Fewer wrinkles on the face

Collagen is considered the “scaffolding” of the skin. When we strengthen this structure regularly, deep wrinkles are no longer so visible and the formation of new wrinkles is delayed. Add a collagen supplement to your anti-wrinkle cream and you will definitely notice the results!

4) Firmer body

There has already been talk about the “beauty effect” on hair, nails and wrinkles. In addition, collagen tightens the body, helps fight cellulite and prevents the skin from sagging during dieting. It fights gravity in every way and that’s why it’s winning so many fans!

5) Faster healing scars

Wound healing involves, among other things, increased production of collagen by the cells of the connective tissue. To support and accelerate this process, supplementation is strongly recommended. Not only for post-operative scars, but also for the remains of acne or common cuts.

6) Healthy doping for the athlete

Physically active people, including professionals, can benefit from taking collagen supplements:
It is a special protein that, in combination with training, helps to build muscle mass. Collagen also ensures that we recover faster after exercise and are less prone to injury.

6 arguments for a “yes”.

Those who doubt the usefulness of collagen supplementation can be encouraged by the fact that the protein is completely natural to the human body. It is extremely rare to have side effects from taking collagen, and it is also difficult to overdose on it.

Numerous studies have shown that there is a close connection between the intake of collagen and the health of connective tissue and that the supply of this protein has a decisive influence on a person’s well-being and appearance. Of course, you can try to eat a diet rich in collagen and eat, for example, knuckle of pork, octopus, jelly, cartilage or eggs, but this is unlikely to be able to compensate for the deficiency. Besides, not everyone likes such specialities.

If we choose good quality drinkable collagen, we can be sure that it will be palatable or at least tasteless. The intake of drinkable collagen should not cause any discomfort – as is the case with powdered collagen. All we need is a little patience – just like other supplements, collagen must be taken for at least a month, preferably three months, or even six months if we have joint or bone health problems. Only then will it be possible to observe what effect the intake of the “protein of youth” has.

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