You often have questions about when to drink collagen – in the morning or in the evening, how long collagen supplementation should last and whether you should take a break after a certain number of bottles. In this article, we will clarify all your questions!

Collagen in the morning or in the evening?

In theory, the time of day is not that crucial, when it comes to supplementing our collagen. In our opinion, however, it is good to reach for a shot in the morning, just after breakfast. First of all, it is better not to take supplements on an empty stomach (unless the respective manufacturer recommends otherwise), and secondly, there is a lot of protein in our preparation, which contributes to the feeling of satiety for a longer period of time.

Therefore, we will not be tempted to reach for unhealthy snacks right after breakfast. Lastly, we can treat our morning collagen intake as a ritual for health, beauty and well-being. However, if you happen to forget to drink it after breakfast, remember to make up for it and drink it as soon as possible – only regular usage of collagen gives visible results!

How long should you be using collagen?

We already know when to drink collagen. But what about the length of supplementation? A lot depends on the individual needs. If we have only recently lost the natural ability to produce collagen (i.e. we are about 26 years old), a monthly treatment often suffices to notice first results such as wrinkle reduction or skin firming. Seniors, those suffering from osteoarticular diseases, usually have to wait three months to feel better.

Do you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis? As a supportive treatment for this condition, you should be taking collagen for six months. As we have already mentioned – how long we should take collagen is a very individual matter. Let’s observe ourselves, be patient and reach for the shots every day, and sooner or later the effects will appear!

A break in Collagen supplementation – is it necessary?

We move on from the length of supplementation to the next issue – should we stop using collagen after a period of time? And if so, for how long? Again, there is no strict time frame, although it is generally accepted that the break should not be longer than 3 months.

If we discontinue collagen supplementation for a longer period, problems with joints or skin can quickly return. Some people, instead of putting our collagen off completely, are drinking shots less frequently, such as every few days. This is also a great way to sustain its positive effects.

Remember that the key to better well-being is always regularity and taking long-term efforts!